Physical Therapy

The close coordination between your personal physician and our physical therapist will ensure the development of a good treatment plan based on your care requirements. The exercises included in the treatment plan typically aim to help improve your strength, muscle movements, mobility, and ambulation.

caregiver helping patient with his pain

Has your doctor recommended physical therapy for you at home? You can count on our rehabilitative therapy services through a physical therapist who will tailor fit your recovery plan to your health condition and your goals.

Our physical therapist can help you with:

  • Education in the Usage of Prosthetics
  • Mobility Reeducation
  • Muscle Exercises
  • Pain Management
  • Range of Motion Improvement
  • Strength Training

Allowing a professional to be by your side on your journey to recovery makes everything easier. Allow us to help you regain your strength and physical capability through our physical therapy service.

Kindly talk to us at 763-561-3434 to proceed with our care.