Through mental health services at our assisted living facility, many adults are finally getting the care and support they need. Oftentimes, staying at home would no longer be the best way to address their needs, which is why professional care from a facility-based setting is more appropriate.

caregiver with patient smiling
At Amazing Love Healthcare Services, we open our doors to your loved one. Our staff specializes in caring for adults with mental or developmental disabilities. We invite your family to visit our location. You can meet our staff, and we can show you around to get a feel of the environment that will become your loved one’s new home.

We can provide:

We place high importance on your loyalty and trust in our assisted living services. We intend to keep that loyalty and trust by continuously providing high-quality care and building a lasting relationship with you.

To inquire about any of our available mental health programs, please contact us at 763-561-3434.